U.S. Senator Bob Casey of Pennsylvania has been a longtime supporter of Job Corps. Each year, the National Job Corps Association asks centers to contact their Senators about the “Dear Colleague” letter, which requests that the Senate give appropriations support for Job Corps funding.

In the letter, Senator Casey states, “In these challenging economic times, it is important to maintain our commitment to successful programs that contribute to the economic health and security of our communities. With centers in all 50 states, Job Corps has compiled an impressive record in preparing disadvantaged youth for the workplace or higher education.”

Continued funding for Job Corps in Fiscal Year 2021 will support the following important initiatives:

  • Providing education, training, and placement of at-risk youth in jobs, higher education, and the military;
  • Maintaining and improving student services at the existing 123 Job Corps centers operating across the country;
  • Upgrading safety and security for Job Corps students and staff; and
  • Addressing critical renovations and repairs at Job Corps facilities.

He continues by saying, “The value of Job Corps is clear. Through Job Corps, tens of thousands of at-risk youth increase their educational, career, technical, and social skills each year. These skilled workers are delivering critical services for our economy, such as providing health care and serving in our Armed Forces.”

Click here to read the full letter.

In July 2019, Senator Casey visited the Red Rock Job Corps Center and met with Auto Tech students.