Pictured from left to right are Health and Wellness Manager Cherrice Lewis, RN; Jessica Beisbier, RN; and Mildred Reeves Wilburn, LPN.

While Job Corps students participate in distance learning, the Health and Wellness Team at the Milwaukee Job Corps Center wanted to ensure that students are continuing to practice self-care off-campus. To achieve this goal, they developed a health and wellness newsletter. “The Wellness Team felt that it was important to let our students know that we are still here for them. It is important for them to know that the services we provide are still available whether they are on or off-campus. We are currently living in a time that is new to all of us as it relates to the pandemic. Health and wellness knowledge is imperative because we lack the ability to go about our day with normalcy. Our routines have been altered, and we wanted to encourage staff and students to take care of themselves. Simple things like eating healthy foods are important for keeping your immune system in top condition. Taking time out to relax your body and mind with deep breathing promotes mental awareness and clarity. We want staff and students to return healthy,” said Health and Wellness Manager Cherrice Lewis.

The newsletter included topics such as self-care and wellness tips, LEGACY and career success standards to follow, health insurance application information, and mental health resources. “Since our nation is participating in self-quarantine, we wanted to provide simple self-care tips that are easily achievable. During this time, we know that some of our students are parents and caregivers, so we wanted to provide tips on following the “Safer at Home” order in Wisconsin. We want our students to take care of themselves and encourage them to reach out to their family and friends safely,” Cherrice said.

The Health and Wellness Team also hopes that students will share the information from the newsletter with friends and family. “The information is beneficial to anyone. Students are able to obtain knowledge and are introduced to topics that may be new to them. Our goal is to provide information without overwhelming the reader,” she continued.

Her advice to people struggling with their wellbeing during this time: “I would encourage them to get professional help if their safety is at risk. Reach out for help and understand that you are not in this alone. Utilize support groups that have been established online. Download a mindfulness app to help with peace of mind. These apps provide relaxation and mind-clearing exercises to help ease tension, anxiety, and increase focus.”