Job Seeker Toolbox

ResCare Workforce Services uses many tools to create opportunities and change lives. We provide a host of technology tools that make it easier for job seekers to find employment. This page offers several workforce platforms that are available to job seekers who are registered for services in our career centers.

The ResCare Career Pathways Explorer is a personality assessment tool created by Traitify. Job seekers who use the tool will simply respond to a series of images by answering “me” or “not me” to determine what types of jobs best match their personalities.

Job seekers registered in our career centers have 24-hour access to this proprietary online training platform that offers more than 8,400 free courses, which can be used for GED preparation and credential-earned training in more than 100 industries.

This interactive employment tool simplifies the process of filling positions in communities by using job listings, social media, video conferencing and other technologies to ensure quality matches between employers and job seekers who take advantage of our services.

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