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ResCare Workforce Services operates Job Corps centers where thousands of young people ages 16-24 receive job training, academic instruction and important life skills that put them on pathways to living productive lifestyles.

Our customized Job Corps programs at ResCare Workforce Services provide life-changing services that help young people succeed in school, obtain meaningful employment and become valued members of their communities.

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Pathways to Bright Futures

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Job Corps Student Program

Young people enter the Job Corps program voluntarily and must be at least 16 and not yet 25 years of age at time of enrollment.*

A Job Corps applicant must:

  • Be a legal U.S. resident; lawfully admitted permanent resident alien, refugee, asylee, parolee or other immigrant who has been authorized by the U.S. Attorney General to work in the United States; or a resident of a U.S. territory.
  • Meet low-income criteria
  • Face one or more barriers to employment, such as: needing additional career technical training, education, counseling and related assistance to complete regular schoolwork or to secure and maintain employment.
  • Can be a school dropout, a runaway, a foster child, a parent or homeless.
  • Have signed consent from a parent or guardian if he/she is a minor.
  • Have a childcare plan if he/she is the parent of a dependent child.
  • Not exhibit behavioral problems that could inhibit him/her or others from benefiting fully from the program.
  • Not require any face-to-face court or institutional supervision or court-imposed fines while enrolled in Job Corps.
  • Not use drugs illegally.
  • Because Job Corps is a voluntary program, students choose to enroll in the program and may exit at any time.

*The maximum age limit may be waived if the applicant is a person with a documented disability.

Our Service Delivery Model

Although each of our Job Corps locations are unique, they all benefit from our best-in-class Service Delivery Model which includes:

  • unmatched organizational capacity
  • unrivaled subject matter expertise
  • innovative training and technology
  • exceptional customer experiences
  • superior safety and quality assurance systems
  • extensive community participation
  • results-driven performance management

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